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Central plant operations, whether they’re located in an educational campus, a hospital or a power plant, are critical to the day-to-day functioning of that facility. Central plant solutions, generally made up of chillers, boilers, water towers, turbines, compressors, etc. are at the heart of a building’s mechanical infrastructure and as such need to be installed safely and correctly and maintained constantly.

General & Mechanical Services (GMS) is an industrial HVAC contractor with extensive experience in this area. GMS has the certifications needed to keep your central plant up and running, including the nationally recognized R Stamp Welding qualification for commercial boiler repair and/or alteration of boilers, pressure vessels and other pressure-retaining items.

GMS also provides energy-efficient solutions for your central plant that can help save you up to 15% on your utility bill, regain lost efficiency and extend the useful life of your systems by up to 20%. Click here for more information.

Depending on your needs, GMS can act as the primary industrial HVAC contractor for any refurbishment or installation contracts within a central plant environment; provide 24 / 7 / 365 “round-the-clock” service and support for full coverage preventative maintenance; and perform R stamp welding repairs and commercial boiler repairs.

Please review our data sheets on central plant solutions:

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