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FirstStep Power and Cooling Assessment

The first step toward reducing energy costs

This power and cooling assessment provides an introductory analysis of your data center facility—including the floor layout and air distribution, rack configuration, CRAC unit(s), UPS, batteries and utility usage.Its a first great step in identifying deficiencies that can limit capacity, availability and energy efficiency.

Not sure if you want to move into the cloud?

We’ll give you the necessary information to make an informed decision on whether to update your current facilities for optimum performance or consider a move to the cloud.

Stop taxing your balance sheet and optimize your white space

Through a thorough on-site evaluation of your facility’s infrastructure, which consumes the majority of a data center’s energy-related costs, the GMS assessment zeroes in on areas of inefficiency. Armed with such knowledge, you can take action to reduce energy consumption and your operating expenses.

While energy reduction is a primary goal, we understand that it is not your only concern. The need to drive down energy costs must be carefully balanced with the need to protect critical loads. GMS understands this challenging issue and addresses it head on. In addition to pointing out easy ways to reduce energy consumption, the GMS assessment identifies design, operational, or maintenance issues that place system availability at risk. What’s more, it provides recommendations for providing better protection against system downtime.

The FirstStep assessment is ideally suited to a Tier I or Tier II data center up to 5,000 sq ft, with a raised floor, cold air supply environment. Comprising an on-site data collection visit, analysis by an experienced energy management consultant and a customized assessment report, this is your first step toward effective energy management. GMS provides additional auditing services for larger data centers (see link below).


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